Marijn Carton
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Geoganic Hasselt

Logo + corporate identity design for one of the best and most well known hairdressers in Belgium.
'Geoganic' embodies the 2 main sources of inspiration for their creations: Geographical & Organic. In all of the work that Geoganic delivers you can identify a well-balanced symbiosis between these two perspectives.

For the logo design I implemented the same two perspectives and tried to achieve a similar harmony between organic and geographical shapes. The base of the logo is a pyramid shape to establish a sense of stability and symmetry. To counter this symmetry I chose to fill up one side of the pyramid with diagonal lines that represent the lines on which hairdressers base their cuts. The two spheres complete the logo, representing the 'organic' approach and at the same time depicting the letter 'G' which can be found in the clients' business name.