Marijn Carton


Who am I?

I am Marijn Carton

I call myself an 'allround creative'.

I'm an ambitious (interaction) designer that focusses on graphic design and alternative & creative marketing. I constantly strive to push myself to a higher level and my passion and love for the business is the drive behind everything I do. I believe that in order to deliver an end product of high quality, your heart needs to be in it, you have to love what you do. I act accordingly and I see every assignment I take on as an opportunity to gather new knowledge and to improve myself.

I enjoy every aspect of my work, from graphic design to branding, from social media to guerilla. I'm an advocate of open workspaces and I feel perfectly at home in a dynamic team as well as on my own. I understand and anticipate the growing importance of social media. Even now in our modern society where communication is key some companies & brands don't realise the vital importance of a solid corporate identity and fail to see the benefits of an active social media account.

This is why I made it my mission to provide them with the on- and offline footprint they need and deserve.