Marijn Carton

Vienna Workshop

— I gave a workshop in Vienna.

Chase Creative

Vienna, Austria

August 2018

‘Chase Creative - Social Storytelling Agency’ asked Sacha Claes and myself to head over to Vienna and give a workshop "Online Video & Digital Storytelling". Because the European Youth Conference took place that weekend, Österreichische Jugendinfos organized this workshop and contacted Chase. It was our job to prepare a group of 24 journalism students from all over Europe to become live social media reporters on this event.

We talked about the basics of storytelling, with a focus on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. I talked about my own experience with vlogging and making content for Chase on different social platforms. Sacha covered filming and Instagram. We made one hell of a team and both organizations were very pleased with the result.

We got a lot of positive reactions and are looking forward to our next workshop in a different European country!