Marijn Carton
Schermafbeelding 2016-11-27 om 18.17.39.png


Spielerei is a creative agency that provides services in the drama and music department.

The name Spielerei is a German term meaning "Something one does for fun".

The last part 'ei' is a Dutch word meaning "egg".

I used this as the base for the logo because of its symbolism. The egg refers to the idea that's being 'hatched' and the birth of something new. To emphasize the creative 'ideas' that Spielerei develops, I combined the egg with the universal symbol for an idea: a lightbulb. 

The font I used is Linotte Bold because of it's playful character. This makes the whole feel more approachable. Together with the logo it forms a solid whole which clearly reflects the kindness and creativity that Spielerei stands for.