Marijn Carton


In 2014 Marijn started with us at KroesKontrol as a talented young creative. Still in the middle of his education his creativity and conceptual thinking are definitely impressive. It’s obvious that we could offer Marijn a job in The Netherlands but unfortunately for us he moved back to Belgium. Marijn is a hard worker and very social, Do I need to say more...
As soon as you set foot in Amsterdam again, you’re more than welcome to start working with us at BLUF.AMSTERDAM.
— Wilco De Ruiter (BLUF.AMSTERDAM)
As a design studio with a strong focus on the creation of personal stories and spaces, where art acts as an important bridger between business and society, we were looking for a talent with a sharp graphical sense of image/(ination). It is not without pride that we can say that Marijn with his clear view and strong dose of empathy has succeeded in this with flying colors! As a true ‘sculptor’ he sculpted each piece of his creation, until the end shape glinted the soul and feel of what we had in mind. His logo and branding style reflect the mission of studio MOS and co-design our story … for which we thank him!
— Renaat Swennen & Michèle Meesen (studio MOS)
Great to be working together with the young Marijn! Talented, creative and very mature for his age. Since the Geoganic-adventure began, he has become one of us. He adapts to our ideas, understands them and realizes them to perfection. He’s always on the same level as us. His own initiatives are a serious added value, therefor you mustn’t doubt about letting him realize them. From the first day to the last, Marijn will be part of our Geoganic-family!
— Thomas Laslo & Loredana Danese (Geoganic Hasselt)