Marijn Carton
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Project Welt

Project Welt stands for luxury, design, architecture, fashion and art in every meaning. They sell luxury design items aswel as provide interior design and graphic design services.

Client brief requested the design to embody both luxury and style with a 'royal touch'. To incorporate those elements, I chose to combine a classic serif font in 'Project' with the more modern looking serif font in 'Welt'.

The 'W' of Welt has a small playful element to give the whole a personal and approachable touch. 

The golden logo symbol is very clean and minimalistic to create a visual tension with the classic font choice. This results in a design that suggests classic, high end luxury while maintaining a modern feel. 

Inspiration for the logo symbol came from royal coats of arms where classic elements like a scepter and calligraphic letters are very common. The 2 initials of the business 'P' and 'W' are implemented in the design. The top-part being the 'W' and the bottom part the 'P'.

The symbol serves not only as a monogram, but hints towards a royal scepter. By keeping it's design clean and minimalistic, it facilitates the creation of a wax seal or the use in embroidering. This symbol can easily be translated in to a pattern used for wrapping paper etc.   

Regarding the brand identity's look & feel I incorporated textures and images of luxury materials such as green marble, gold and leather to further establish a sense of exclusivity. 

Gold foil is used throughout several printed elements of the corporate identity.