Marijn Carton

Musketon vlog

— I made a vlog with Musketon.

City of Genk

C-Mine, Genk

March 2018

The city of Genk contacted me because they saw potential in my vlog. Genk is a young and active city that organizes a lot of cultural- and design related events. Seeing that I’m a big culture and design aficionado, they asked me to promote these events in my vlog.

The deal was that I regularly attend events in Genk and portray they in my vlog, so the city could use it on their social platforms. The first project I did, was filming a sneak preview of an expo by Genk-native Musketon (Bert Dries). Bert is an amazing artist and illustrator whom I’m proud ta call an acquaintance.

I went to visit him while he was still building his expo and asked him some questions. Afterwards we headed out to the best Kebab-joint in Genk for a chat and a quick bite to eat.

Thanks for the chat, Bert!