Marijn Carton

MoMeNT Cultuurfestival

— I was the editor in chief for a culture festival.

MoMeNT Cultuurfestival


Februari 2017

In 2017, Tongeren organized the first edition of ‘MoMeNT’. A festival entirely focussed on transforming Tongeren into a creative hub.

They launched an open call for creatives, provided coaching by famous artists, transformed locations all throughout the city to serve as studios, … The eyes of the cultural scene in Flanders were pointing at Tongeren.

Next to all these cultural activities, there needed to be a small magazine regarding the festival. They asked my friend Thibault Winants and myself to lead this project and become editors-in-chief of this bimonthly magazine. For several months, we were to lead a team of volunteers and provide the content for the magazine.

I was also responsible for the art-direction and lay-out.