Marijn Carton

Creative Satuday

— I was involved in ‘Creative Satuday’.


Stanley & Stella, Antwerp

September 2017

Musketon and a couple of his creative friends like Average Rob, Vexx, Bram Vanhaeren, Lucas Haen and Laurent Beuten decided to organize an event where creative people could meet up in a relaxed, non-formal atmosphere.

Somewhere in the process, Bert (Musketon) called me to help think out the concept that eventually became ‘Creative Saturday’. The event was hosted in Stanley Stella, a creative space in the heart of Antwerp where people and businesses could design & print their own T-shirts.

The event was a succes in the sense that we brought creative, likeminded people together to connect. This is something I really support and should be organized more often. My buddy Sacha Claes and I made a short video to showcase and promote the event on social media.